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Why Do We Give Flowers as Gifts?

The art of giving flowers is something that has been encouraged in every culture. A fresh bunch of blooms has easily been one of the top choices for gifts to give for centuries and it’s easy to see why. Any occasion is appropriate for giving flowers because they provide the perfect way to brighten someone’s day. The way flower bouquets are arranged, the colour and the type of bloom you give all work together to convey multiple messages. And it’s amazing how much these messages can differ from flower-to-flower. So why do we give flowers as gifts? And why has …

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bouquet of purple flowers

Choosing the Perfect Flower for Every Occasion

Finding the perfect flower for a friend or loved one goes well beyond what simply looks good. Sure, choosing something visually appealing is definitely a must – but the ultimate blooms crave a little more thought than just that. Thinking outside the box when it comes to flower choosing is a talent not everyone naturally acquires, but with some understanding about what the perfect flower should achieve you could be finding the right bunch easily. They say that for every job, there is a right tool and flowers and occasions are no different. But just because a bunch of blooms …

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A Short History of the Ancient Art of Flower Arranging

Flower arranging has become such a central part of our lives that we sometimes forget its long and fascinating history. The earliest evidence we have of flowers being used in an organised and meaningful way is from the Ancient Egyptians. From around 2500 B.C, they used flowers as tomb decorations. They also used flower arrangements in the home as a means of expression and decoration. Flowers have been used throughout the ages to convey messages and moods, announce festive occasions such as weddings and special days, or just to decorate and delight! The simple act of giving flowers is a …

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Step by Step Guide on How to Make Your Own Terrarium

Terrariums – those striking little ecosystems inside glass containers – have become one of the hottest and fastest growing gardening trends. Taking the DIY, home and office décor world by storm, they’re one of the most cost-effective, creative and simplest ways to brighten up any dull looking space. Making a massive comeback over the last few years, terrariums are changing the way we decorate, fuelling imaginations and…. These ‘gardens under glass’ are perfect for constructing your own unique world. Complete with bright loving plants, succulents, moss and other low maintenance varieties, these innovative designs can be manipulated into cultivated creations. …

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